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    Ideas on long term handover of operation

    Ranch Management Consultants can help. You might give them a call. ' Ranch Management Consultants, Inc. 953 Linden Ave, Fairfield, CA 94533 Phone: 707-429-2292 Fax: 707-429-2100 Email: [email protected] I know your not from Iowa, but you might contact this guy, if he can't help he...
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    New to Ranching, moving from Maryland to Dallas Tx

    Invest in yourself first. Sign up and attend a Ranching for Profit school before you buy any livestock and have any excuse to say you don't have the time. At first blush it seems expensive, however, you'll change your mind the first day you are there. http://www.ranchmanagement.com/ It is a...
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    Pharo Bulls

    Perhaps Rancherfred, you missed the word "SOME" in my post regarding those that reject Christ. I didn't paint everybody with a broad brush, so please don't do the same with me. The originating question on this thread was about Pharo Bulls, not about whether or not to do business with any one...
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    Pharo Bulls

    So two people had a theological difference in opinion and feelings got hurt? No surprise. A simple look in a phone book or newspaper under the heading of church directory will give testament to the differences of opinion on theological issues. My point is what does this, running out of free...
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    Pharo Bulls

    My neighbors recently had their home and property up for sale. It was priced fairly high for the area, or so I thought, but since their property adjoins mine, and their property and home is similar to mine, I was hopeful for them and myself as well that they would find a buyer that was willing...
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    Sustainable Ranching lectures

    I think that just because one person might be struggling with a holistic approach to ranching doesn't mean it doesn't merit looking into it further. Increased profits per acre via sustainable methods should be attractive to any rancher. Ranching always seems to be one of the slowest evolving...
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    Sustainable Ranching lectures

    Hi Andybob; I havn't been here in a bit but I have watched some of those. They are real good, especially for those who have not been exposed to mob grazing or holistic management. Unfortunately, it doesn't get much traction here due to folks being stuck in their paradigm of "it couldn't work...
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    farm subsidies

    What you mean to say is the Government believes it should steal from those that have and re-distribute to those that either are too damn lazy to earn their own or can afford a high priced lobyist. bart.
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    farm subsidies

    One of my pet peeves is the CRP payments. Lots of young and beginning farmers/ranchers out there that can't find pasture to rent to save their lives yet everywhere you look there is idle pasture and crop ground filling up with weeds, brush and cedars. There are ALOT of folks that are sucking...
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    How cold is it?

    True story; The ranch I was working on in Colorado had a three legged Border Collie named "Lucky". He lost one of his hind legs falling off the back of a pick up. Anyway, whenever he was out and about marking his territory, he would lift his remaining hind leg and do his peeing wilst doing a...
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    too many pics...

    Where in Missouri are you located RA ? I'm located just north across the Iowa line near Centerville. bart.
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    And avoid student loans, no sense in starting life in debt.
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    How cold is it?

    It's so cold my mule was farting snow flakes ;)
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    Head scratcher

    Maybe a mental evaluation would be in order. Glad the owner got his property back. †
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    Cattle on highway

    When I lived in S.W. Florida, we got calls all the time, mostly because our phone number was on our gates. Most of the time, the cattle weren't ours . Almost always, the cattle had wandered out because the fences were cut by people on ATV's and 4wd trucks wanting to either go fishing or play...
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    First time using bud box (results)

    If the cattle are real flighty, you may be able to work them thru standing on the outside of the box. And I agree with the others, pics would be great. Glad it worked out. bart. †
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    bud box in process-question

    Our gate for entry to the Bud Box hinged in one corner and latched in the opposing corner. The hinge was near the entry to the working ally. In retrospect, it would have functioned better if the latch for the entry gate was near the working alley and the hinge was further away. Clear as mud...
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    bud box in process-question

    It simply doesn't work as well. Ours had the gate hinge on the alley side. As the cattle enter the Bud Box, hit the back end and make the U-turn, they always first head to the corner where they entered, hesitate, and then turn and start to think about exiting via the alley. This hesitation...
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    custom grazing

    Appanoose and Wayne county. Welcome to the board. bart. †
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    custom grazing

    You might check with your local extension agent and even your NRCS office. They may not know but can put in touch with those that do. Another good source is the local sale barn. Stay out of the coffee shops. Where you located in Iowa? Rent around here is upwards of $100 an acre for improved...