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    Communist China and another reason for COOL

    Love these fear stories about food from "communist countries. LMAO Rat ----- or North American Capitalist LOL beef laced with ractopamine, hormonal growth promotants and anitbiotics.... HMMMM If the rat was running around outside of Monsanto's lab and not inside - I think I would choose the...
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    R-CALF, U.S. Ranchers Want To Block Potential Sale

    Taken a proactive approach Oldtimer. Still got my cows, but leased them out so that I can manage my own packing plant when I find a cash parter with some balls. In the mean time I am retailing beef with some buddies in their brand new meat shop in Calgary. She's a big world out their Oldtimer...
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    I'm Bored --- how about a tasteless joke.

    Two middle east women were having coffee. One brought out pictures of her deceased martyred sons. One was 26, one 24 and one 22 when they died for the cause. The other gal brought out her pictures and said hers were 20 and 18, when they also died for the cause. The first woman sighed and said...
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    Canada exporting hay to china rumor

    It's true. Except that you left out the part about British Columbia green being slipped in to the middle of the bales before we export it.
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    R-CALF, U.S. Ranchers Want To Block Potential Sale

    Ya right Sandhusker. You still a banker? And we are supposed to trust you with our 20 bucks? LMAO
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    JBS Natural Beef

    Hay there folks. Looks like JNS is coming to save the beef industry in Canada and there is not a darn thing I can do about it.. LOL.. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with their natural beef program? Scott?
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    Oh Canada!

    Bottom line - there are radicals and apathetics (is that a word shafty) in every country in the world. I am looking forward to feeding hungry "good" folks in Iraq some day. The good old USA will always be a good Canadian beef customer, but will have to pay a little more once we establish more...
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    Oh Canada!

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/hQvxuJa8rOg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    SH and Sandhusker

    To make it sound so simple that supply is controlled by demand makes the whole American dream null and void Scotty. Why would anyone get into business if they did not think they could control at least a little bit of outcome. And why would companies like Cargill or Tyson want to become the...
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    SH and Sandhusker

    howzitgoinboyz I don't know who said that God controls the worlds supply of cattle, but that was enough for me to join in on the fun. I really think that the price and supply of beef are controlled by the media like almost every other commodity on the planet. I originally thought it was a bad...
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    Do you need to borrow the tranq pistol? I thought you were talking about getting some drugs into gcreek. LOL Suck it up bud it's just yer toe..... errr I mean do you want a hug.. :wink: Damn that pink eye. Had a bout of it go on for a long stretch about a year ago. Bet it hurts tham about...
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    Adios Amigos

    Grassfarmer ain't going away too far. Once you've been on ranchers.net you have to die to leave. He'll just become a closet reader like myself, who throws in a line from time to time to let you all know I'm is still alive. I just wish the time I post would not show up and tell you that I can't...
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    Posters Pictures

    I realise "she" set "herself" up for that one. Or do you mean the one on the left.....LOL Haymaker HMMM I thougth he would have been a lot fatter.
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    Posters Pictures

    Randy Kaiser and My Tammy Lynn rkaiser
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    F-R 323 LAD 9107

    Sorry to butt in; but how about taking this guy apart. Went up to 6 pounds of DDG in our silage and straw ration on these coming two year old bulls. Full Ultrasound scores, DNA and Linear Measurements are available in our catalog. Our full line up is on the www.teamauctionsales.com