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    Solar pumps and Ice

    I have a kelln setup it works well.I put the hose high by the trough ,but i also drilled a small hole in the line a couple feet above the pump so it drains faster.Good luck
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    I'd like to kick some butt!

    Kato..sorry to hear of the loss of your dog. That being said any responsible trapper would have not set a powersnare that close to someones yard.
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    Health insurance?

    that may be so but it ain,t much help when the E.R is closed at the local hospital due to not enough Drs
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    Horse slaughter - en espanol

    Texan thanks for the warning..My daughter never went any further down the page
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    Big square balers

    curious ..anyone running these on this board just wondering what people have for a baler , likes and dislikes, horsepower on it etc.
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    Conneally Freightliner

    N.R Catalogue online anywhere?
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    terimal limo

    thanks guys..I will likely give it a go. I was a little concerned with docility, but as I won,t be retaining anything its not much of a problem. Cowzilla/shortgrass i debated using Char too, but i was a little concerned I might end up with some smoke calves
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    terimal limo

    Anyone running limo bulls here on commercial angus hereford charolais cows . comments anyone
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    The 7 Canadian Calves

    Sandhusker you need to talk to your doc ..he needs to up the dose
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    The 7 Canadian Calves

    Thats good It nice to know that you concede your I.d program is inferior to ours :lol: :lol:
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    The 7 Canadian Calves

    Cdn cattle are not your problem..inferior U.S animal I.D and testing are.
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    The 7 Canadian Calves

    you got a problem tracking anything...
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    The Saga continues

    I quess Sandhusker don,t want to talk about the 1300 known u.s feedban violations found by the F.D.A in 2003 :lol: :lol:
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    The Saga continues

    Tell me Sandhusker if someone shot 1300 holes in your boat would your boat still be fine?
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    Montana Hereford Tour

    Really like most of those bulls in particular WB Bear Mark ET 35N, XTC Sunshine lad 58K,AGA 13G General 114L